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9/11 is officially the largest criminal case in history- but classified documents and witness account surface,
that speak against the official versions of the CIA and Pentagon

How can you pulverize 200000 tons of steel in 11.4 seconds?
more than 400 meters high, supported by 800 steel beams with a total weight of 200000 tons. The Twin towers were gigantic.
the more astonishing that each of the towers pulverized in 11.4 seconds and the towers came down in free fall speed.
"In order to bring down this kind of mass in such a short period of time, the material must have been artificially ,exploded outwards."
explains the US-engineer Neel Ginson. And really, who looks more closely can see small explosions (see above) in the two towers,
 always shortly before the floors are reached by the falling debris.

How long needs a building to burn, before it collapses?
56 minutes after the impact of UA 175 into the South tower this 415 meter high tower collapses. 25 minutes later the North Tower follows, Until today there is no scientific explanation. Even the NIST concludes its inverstigation: In the towers there was a maximal tempretur of 500 degrees celsius, but steel needs 10000 degress to loose stability." Additionally the towers are the first steel frame buildings in the world, that collapse because of  of a fire. . Until today it is not clear how people could stand that close to the point of impact.

Why seven hours later still another building collapses?
At 5.20 pm  the 174 meter high WTC Turm 7, 100 meters away from the twintowers is suddenly collapsing. But the official 9/11 investigation never mentions the building once. But why is a building collapsingwhen it has not even been hit by a jetliner? How is it possible that asmall fire that has been caused by falling debris of the twin towers, brings down a whole highrise building? And why the BBC already reports at 5 pm about the collapse? Did certain people kown ahead about the events?
Did the government to erase the proof? Fact is that the Pentagon, the CIA and the secret services had offices in the building and thousands of classified files were stored there.

"Boston we have a problem. We have a highjacked plane on our radar screen and we need fighter jets!"
Its 8.38 am when Jeremy Powell from the air defence command receives the radiocall. "Is this a drill?" Powell asks.
"No, this is not a drill." he hears from the speaker. 20 minutes have now passed, since the authorities kwow about the highjacking..
Acoording to standart Nato procedures by now already jetfighters of the air defence would need to be in the air.
QRA - Quick Reaction is an around the clock defence force.. But on 9/11 all 14 jets that were within the QRA radius stayed on the ground..
Only when the highjacked jetliner crashes into the North tower at 8.46 am, the military command calls up 2  fighter jets, that are 190 miles away in Boston.
The most sensible airspace in the world stays unprotected almost for a whole hour.

Did the US-government know more than it admitted and reacted and therefore reacted that late?
"To answer these questions you need to answer  the other questions first, that would be asked by anyone conducting a criminal investigation,"
says the US-terrorism expert D.R.Griffin. "Who had a motive? Who profited?" fact is nevertheless; at the beginning of the new millenium
the oil in the Middle East is almost depleted. The weapons industry is in a recession and the influence of other nuclear powers is growing. It is the time when leading US-politicians are dicussin the future US-stategy in the farmework of the "Project for a new America"

The result of the discussion is an document, that is published in September of 2000 and will be the guideline for US-foreign policy for the coming years. Its reads at some point;" The process of transformation will be lasting long, unless the is not cathlytic event -something like Pearl Harbour."

Exactly one year later this scenario
becomes real – and the analogy of Pearl Habour is unmistakable.

it was the same as in 1941, the year the
Japanese attacked the Pacific Navy, this explosive event changed the agenda of the USA.

Where as the acceptence of the population concerning an invasion in Europe was
before the attack essentially zero, the public opinion turned 180

Suddenly the people supported the army
and demanded an offensive in Europa and also revenge for the Japanese

Here is another analogy: Concerning 9/11
the US administration had prior knowledge of the attacks, as it was
the case, when Pearl Habour was attacted.

September the 11th was the
starting point for the biggest American invasion after WWII., as
Prof. Griffin explained..

First the US invaded Afghanistan and
installed a puppet government.. The same government that just after a
short periode of time ended up a multi-million

Only 17 months later the US invaded
Iraq, one of the richest countries in oil reserves.

But not only the oil industries made
huge profits, the wappon industries had record sales, too.

„ In each othe criminal case, the US
administration would be the prime suspect, if such a quantity of
evidence would be availible“ Prof. Griffin expained.

The problem in this case: The prime
suspect is the same as the accuser.

But what about the motives of the
convicted ?

It was in spring 2001, when the power
of the Taliban had its climex.

After decades of war against the Soviet
Union, the Taliban were in control of 90% of the country, which means access to most of the opium fields.

This was a deal without competitor, but
it ended on 9/11:

The US administration had accused the
extremists for the attacks, then they invaded the country and so the
Taliban lost the power over the opium fields.

But also for Osama bin Laden, 9/11 did
not provide any profit in a similar way.

Before the attacks the Al-Qaida leader
was a free men and could been treated in a hospital in Dubai without
problems - now he is the most wanted person in the world.

„In every different criminal case the
proceedings would have been reactivate, if the state of knowledge had
been increased so dramaticly“, the lawyer Anthony Scrivener

But the case will never solved, because
there has never been such a crime, where so many powerful parties
have been part of it.

If we compare the population of the US,
with a jury consisting of 12 people in a court of law, the jugment
would be unambiguous.

Nine in twelve Americans believe, that
the gouvernment doesn't tell the truth.

Hannes Wellmann

Why did Mohammed Atta leave a christian testament behind?
According to the official 9/11 account Mohammed Atta flew AA11 into the Northtower of the WTC. The FBI published a translated testament of Mohammed Atta, the original was never shown. Scholars of Isam doubt that the testament could be written by a muslim. Certain unusual words are used,

How bodies of victims were identified when even steel was melting?
Most passengers of the Pentagon flight were identfied by their fingerprints. At the same time their are almost no parts of the plane left. Official explanation: The exploding kerosine pulverized all parts. Only: Which kind of kerosene burns steel and fireproof materials but noch the parts of 64 human bodies.

Why you  call your mother with her last name?
Imagine in your plane the highjackers killed the pilot. In this moment you reach you mother on the cell phone. How do you adress her? Mark Bingham, one of the passengers of UA93, is said to have experimenced this situation. His first sentence. "Hallo Mutter, hier spricht Mark Bingham" Who is calling his mother saying his first and last name? And this was not the only strange phone call. Sterwardess Betty Ong on Flight AA11 was very camly reporting on the phone how several people were killed on her flight and that the plane had been highjacked.

How does a bad pilot fly a Boeing directly into a target?

The Boeing 757 hits directly on the groundfloor. In this angle the plane had finally to be flown 2 feet over the ground (with 850km/h). A flying masterpiece by Hani Hanjour, the alleged terrorpilot. The Paradox: Only 3 months before Hanjour failed a pilot test in a small Cessna airplane.


Autor Hannes Wellmann

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