"We do not believe you!"
German Business Journal
Questions 9/11

Berlin, Jan. 8, 2010

 "We do not believe you!" - The magazine "FOCUS Money" questions the official version of 9/11
"More and more doubts"

The new issue of the german business magazine "Focus Money" (Nr. 2/2010) carries a detailed story on  9/11.

"FOCUS Money",  is presenting most of the crucial arguments and contradictions on five glossy pages. Among other questions the article suggests that the collapse of the World Trade Center could have been a controlled demolition.

In addition, the article suggests serious doubts about the "madness" of the critics, which are usually called "conspriracy theorists".

The magazine states, that it is "not only serious politicians who do not want to believe the official version any more ", but also, "there are also thousands of scientists, who question 9/11". 

Author of the article is Oliver Janich. He works as a freelance journalist for the Financial Times Germany, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Euro& Finance and is a regular columnist in Focus Money.

Focus-Money is a weekly business magazine and is currently the second-popular business publication with a weekly circulation of 145,788 copies sold. However, the actual range is much higher and amounts to approximately 450,000 to 720,000 readers. The magazine is published by the Burda-Verlag in Munich.

The first page of the article shows pictures of 9/11 skeptics: Charlie Sheen, Sharon Stone, Rosie O'Donnell William Rodriguez (next to GW Bush), former Governor Jesse Ventura, Richard Gage, Federal Judge Dieter Deiseroth and many others.
The rest of the article is packed with information. Evidence of controlled demolition of the buildings, criticism of the fire theory, the questions on the interceptors, WTC 7 and the Pentagon. There is talk of the "impossible flight maneuvers," the resignation of Senator Max Cleland who is quoted as saying "It's a fraud, a national scandal" and of the myriad of lies to the Commission, hindering the investigation. The mysterious death of Barry Jenning, a former Deputy Director of Emergency Services Department of the City of New York is also mentioned. He had saved many people from WTC 7 , and covered in dust gave a live interview on ABC and then much later for "Loose Change" maker Dylan Avery.

When the article covers the question of "stand down orders" there are some stunning details: The article states that 
Col. Donn de Grand made the following statement:
A US-General repeatelely ignored stand-down orders that were given by Dick Cheney and had a plane shot down that flew in the direction of White House, a fact that would explain the lack of debris at Shanksville. Furthermore, Col. Grand-Pre said later in a radio interview, that a majority of the US-military leadership would basically agree to a coup in order "to bring the truth to light"

Only a few months ago in early September,  there was already a fair article on 9/11 in a german TV magazine

Only a few months ago in early September,  there was already a fair article on 9/11 in a german TV magazine