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April 2009

Member of Parliament Yukihisa Fujita
9/11 Questioned In Japan`s Parliament

Congressman Yukihisa Fujita - Japanese Parliament October 2008

You Tube Link (edited version of the 20 minute long speech - complete version will be added)

On October 22, 2008, Yukihisa Fujita, Congressman for the Democratic Party of Japan made a 20 minute speech on the floor of the Japanese Diet or House of Representatives. For the third time this year he directly questioned the official version of 9/11

At the same time he called on the government to stop all support for the US-led military operations. After presenting reports of heavy civilian and military losses in Iraq and Afghanistan he went on to describe the Kucinich impeachment debate in US-Congress and its wide support by representatives of the House. In detail he listed the particular reasons for impeachment, that US-Congressman Dennis Kucinich presented to congress this summer. He also reported on Ron Pauls demands for impeachment and new 9/11 investigations.
Fujita emphasized that there was never an official police investigation into the deaths of the 24 Japanese citizens who were killed on 9/11, he then talked about questions put forward by japanese victim`s families of 9/11 to the former Prime Minister Koshimizu and asked why the government never responded.
This time there was no public broadcast of his 20 minute speech on NHK television. It was the third time since January, that Yukihisa Fujita voiced his doubts about 9/11 on the floor of the japanese parliament.

Fujita is a member of the Democratic Party of Japan which is the main opposition party, holding a majority in the Upper House of Parliament and has 36 % of the seats in the Lower House, the more powerful house. Mr. Fujita`s calls for a new investigation are backed by his party leadership. He made also presentations to members of other parties.

Fujita said recently in an interview: "This is something Parliamentarians of various countries could ask - I was in Europe meeting with European MP's and they are also thinking about asking the UN to investigate, so these kind of efforts need to be done internationally," he added, that he had visited eleven different European countries in an attempt to garner support for the move.

Fujita personally visited the former President of Germany's Bundesbank,Ernst Welteke, who admitted that suspicious insider trading on American and United Airlines did take place immediately before 9/11.

Congressman Yukihisa Fujita - Japanese Parliament April 2008



Fujita again questioned the official version of 11 September 2001, because his party feels that 9/11 is the main reason for Japans involvement in the war and therefore 9/11 should be thorougly investigated.

Mr. Fujita's party (the Democratic Party Japan (DPJ) is opposed to any support from Japan to the U.S. Afghanistan military mission, and they use every opportunity to make this clear to the Japanese government. A few months ago they managed to vote down the refueling support by the Japanese Navy to the U.S. Navy and this posed the Japanese government for a huge problem. So the government had to force a vote to reinstall the refueling mission, which was the first time they did that since many years - they succeeded.

The debate was also about a reduction in funds used to finance American military support, and paying for US base utilities. Recently reports had been published implying that cluster bombs stored at US-bases
in Japan were used against civilian targets in Afghanistan.

Now, Mr. Fujita, who has the support of his party wanted to know the rationale for the Afghan war, and he points out some contradictions in the official US government 911 story. This time he focuses on the engines of the four planes and poses the question why there is not much left of them, even though engines tend not to be destroyed by fires.

For more than 30 minutes Fujitas presented questions to Japan`s
minister of defense Ishida and the minister of foreign affairs Koumura. He talked of people connecting worldwide having access to information that professionals and former officials from the US share. Many question the official theory of 9/11 and demand new investigations. He presented a printout of the FBI homepage, which shows that Bin Laden is solely sought for the 1998 bombings of the US embassies in East Africa. He talked about a former airforce pilots who doubts the alleged highjackers were able to control the large Boeing jets used on 9/11.

Congressman Yukihisa Fujita - Japanese Parliament January 2008

Part1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oq4_07FmCyA

Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02esZQr-u74

Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t-dZiNE9NI

Part 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV_WIZ1PDt4

Part 5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaEGhiHhZ1Y

Part 6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A43IxJcFJEw

Part 7 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hUexQWI948

Part 8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKtv36Sh3iQ

On Friday, January 10, 2008 the Japanese government has taken rare steps to force parliamentary approval of a controversial bill
reviving a naval mission in the Indian Ocean in support of US-led forces in Afghanistan.

For 30 minutes Councilor Yukihisa Fujita questioned the official version of 9/11 presented to the japanese government and the public by the US administration
He concluded that the japanese governments support of the "war against terror" is solely based on information provided by the US-administration.
He demanded further investigations and questions being answered in the face of the governments drive to support the war more actively.

Councilor Fujity asked the current Prime Minister Fukuda, who was the Chief Cabinet Secretary under Koizumi cabinet in 2001 .
"How could terrorists attacked the Pentagon?"
Mr Fujita stressed that of the 24 people that died on 9/11 only 13 were identified and 11 bodies remain unaccounted for.
He pointed out that there was never an official police investigation into the deaths of these japanese nationals.
He asked whether terrorism is crime or war. Some Japanese people were killed, so he believes this was a crime and the japanese police should investigate the real suspects.
The Japanese government assumed that the suspect was Al-Queda because Bush told then Prime minister Koizumi in 2001 after the attacks of 9/11 had happened.
and later did send the self-defense force to Iraq based on that assumption.
Yukihisa Fujita did question Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba and Minister of Finance Fukushiro Nukaga about the way in which the US government did inform
the japanese government about the people responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

He then explained that in the USA many people doubt the official version of 9/11 and numerous websites and scientists have collected evidence
that contradicts the governments version.
He presented several largescale photographs of: the Pentagon´s entry and exit holes, the flight path towards the Pentagon
,the exploding WTC towers and the WTC 7 collapse.

He then explained about the suspicious stock transactions that were conducted in the days before the attacks
and stated that there had be foreknowledge.

After Yukihisa Fujita`s presentation the opposition-controlled upper house of parliament rejected the bill.
On the same day the legislation returned to the more powerful lower house, controlled by Prime Minister Fukuda´s ruling coalition, which used its two-thirds majority
to override opposition objections and force the bill into law.
This move is exceedingly rare in Japan, where the government tries to maintain the appearance of consensus rule.
The last time the lower house overruled a rejection by the upper house was in 1951.
The parliamentary session was extended by a month to mid-January to ensure the bill's approval.
Japan had in the past six years provided logistical support to forces involved in the war in Afghanistan, mainly supplying fuel to warships.

The party`s leader Ozawa insists the refueling mission violates Japan's pacifist constitution, and has not been approved formally by the United Nations
Ozawa claims that oil supplied by Japanese ships has been diverted for use in operations in Iraq, an accusation the USA denies.

Yukihisa Fujita, a member of the Upper House of the Japanese Diet (Parliament) has recently published a book titled:
"Questioning 9/11 Terror at the National Diet - Can Obama Change the USA?"

Co-authors of the book are David Ray Griffin, Yumi Kikuchi, Akira Doujimaru.and Chihaya

On April 8 2009 there was a formal reception on the ocassion of the publishing Mr. Fujita's book
at the Tokyo Dome Hotel.

The event was organized and promoted by a large group of Mr. Fujita's supporters including the Chairman of the daily newspaper Japan Times,
several leading representatives of the Democratic Party and several business excecutives. They hosted the event in honour of Mr. Fujita


Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth Launched
March 2009 - New Initiative by Yukihisa Fujita

In 2009 under the leadershiip of Yukihisa Fujita, a member of Parliament, Japan
and Karen S. Johnson, a former member of the Senate of the State of Arizona, USA
a new initiative has been launched that calls for a new independent investigation of 9/11 by political leaders.

45 Political Leaders so far have signed the petition (April, 24, 2009)


In Germany the daily newspaper Junge Welt published a supporting
article on the new petition. The article starts,

9/11 - Todays Project of Investigation


At long last politicians from several countries succeeded to unite, in calling for a "new, really independent investigation to find out what happened on 9/11." In the petition 12 politicians from seven countries call on US-president Barack Obama to authorize such an investigation.
The investigations until where conducted only by people, that, "where cosely connected with the Bush/Cheney administration, or where even working in it."
Their findings differed radically from results independent researchers from different fields reached. These researcher-groups - among them architects, engineers, firefighters, legal professionals, pilots, religious leaders,
academics, veterans and medical professionals for a long time have called for a new investigation. Now the time had come to have politicians to take it to heart, read the letter to President Obama.
Doubts about the official version of the collapse of the towers of the World Trade Center on 9/11 have been on the mind of many people in the last years. A collapse of the of the myth about Osama and his 19 bandits could have incalculable consequences.
It's going to be interesting which german parliamentarian will dare to affiliate with the group of »Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth« (pl911truth.com). Until now the former Secratary of state in the Defense Ministry Andreas von Bülow igned the petition. In the UK the former minister of Environment Michael Meacher joined the group, in the uSA 5 more politicians signed the petition, among them the former governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura and former US-Congressman Dan Hamburg. Others are the italian Giulietto Chiesa and Gianni Vattimo and Paul Lannoye from Belgium, 3 active and one former EU-parlamentarians

June 17, 2008 - The Japan Times
Lawmaker takes 9/11 doubts global


Feb. 7, 2009 - Japan Times
Prime Minister Aso Mining POWs seek redress
Australians recount beatings, starving, rags in lieu of clothes

Democratic Party of Japan lawmaker Yukihisa Fujita released transcripts of recent phone interviews he conducted with three Australian POWs
who worked for Aso Mining Co. Fujita urged Aso to recognize their hardships and to apologize.

Former Allied prisoners of war who were forced to work for a company run by Prime Minister Taro Aso's family during World War II
said they were placed in extremely dangerous conditions with very little food or clothing.


Japan's PM Taro Aso must apologise: POWs - The Australian - 24 Apr 2009
The veterans' demands have been supported by opposition politician Yukihisa Fujita, ... Mr Fujita told The Australian his party would settle the issue if it ...
Taro Aso was president of the company from 1973 to 1979, ...


Japan's air force chief sacked over WWII claims
14 November , 2008 - Reporter: Shane McLeod

Japan's Prime Minister is having trouble with war history after he had to sack the head of the country's air force. - The speedy dismissal of a General who suggested Japan was lured into World War II was supposed to have placated Japan's neighbours.
Now Mr Aso's own connections to wartime history come up
Specifically, the use of Australian Prisoners of War at a coalmine owned by the Aso family during the war years.


Alex Jones & Japanese MP Fujita - April 2008

9/11 Questioned in European Parliament

Fujita also took part in a 9/11 truth conference at the EU Parliament in Brussels February 2008 which was hosted by Italian MEP Giullietto Chiesa, who in 2008 also appeared in a Panel discussion on Russian State TV, after his 9/11 documentary aired.

Yukihisa Fujita in Australia in 2008 - 9/11 Truth Conference


Yukihisa Fujita on visit to Afghanistan